The HTML Block allows instructors to add resources to the course such as:

  • RSS feeds
  • Images
  • Twitter Feed
  • Links to important resources
  • Embedded Spotify playlist

To add the HTML Block

  1. Turn editing on.
  2. Scroll down the page and on the right-hand side, toward the bottom, you’ll see [add a block]
  3. Click that and select from the list *HTML*


To configure and add content to the HTML Block 


  1. Scroll back down to that block and click the gear icon and then *configure HTML block*
  2. What you want to appear in the HTML Block will reside in the content box labeled Content

To add images to the HTML Block

  1. Click the first image icon that looks like a mountain.
  2. Click browse repositories then click choose a file
  3. Locate and open the file you wish to appear in the HTML Block.
  4. Click upload this file (You can change the size and alignment before saving the image, and you either need to give the image a description or click the “description not necessary box” prior to saving.)
  5. Click Save image, then Save Changes on the following page.
  6. The image should appear on the right side of your course in that block.