Adding a Twitter Feed

How to add a Twitter Feed to your Course in a few short steps:

First we start on the Twitter site

1. Login to Twitter, click on Settings under your Profile.


2. Under Account Settings on the left, Click on the Widgets section.


3. Click Create new under the Widget section in the middle. You will be taken to the settings screen.

Here you will decide what to include in your feed. You can choose:

  • tweets to or from you
  • your timeline
  • a specific hashtag
  • favorites
  • a collection you have created



4. Once settings are complete, click Create widget. You will be given a string of HTML code, which you will need to copy and paste into Moodle in our next section.


Next we move to Moodle

1. Once we have our HTML widget code copied, enter the course you wish to place this Twitter feed into in Moodle.

2. Turn editing on for the course.

3. Next, we are going to scroll down and add a block. Click Add, and choose HTML.


4. Next, click on the settings gear in the new HTML Block and choose configure new HTML block.


5. Give the Block a title other than “New HTML Block”.

6. Finally, we are going to enter our Widget code. To do so, we need to click on the html source icon in the toolbar. (if it’s not showing, you first need to click on the expand toolbar icon shown below)



7. Paste the code you copied from the Twitter Widget page into this source editor and click update.



8. Click Save Changes

9. Your Twitter feed will now show up in your course!