Manually Adding Users

Instructors may wish to grant access to students or instructors that aren’t included on the original roster.

Add a participant to your course

  1. In your course, click on Participants in the Navigation drawer on the left.
  2. Click Enroll users.


4. A pop-up box will open with Enrollment options.  Enter the user’s name in the Search box and hit Enter on the keyboard to search for the user.





5. Take note of the drop-down menu below the search bar indicating user’s role, labeled Assign roles.  The default role assignment when adding a new user is Student.  

                  * To enrol a Teacher, change this setting before proceeding to step 6.





6. Click the Enroll button.  Repeat Steps 4-6 for additional users.


The users you enrolled are now in the course.

* To remove a manually added student or instructor, simply click the   icon on the Participants page to delete the user.  A confirmation message will ask you to verify the delete.