Teaching Assistant Role

The Teaching Assistant Role (TA) in Moodle can be assigned to users in your course.

The TA role gives users the ability to add, delete, and edit resources, activities, and content on your Moodle page, but prevents access to the gradebook andĀ student grades.

Why you might use this role:
  • You have actual teaching assistants in your class.
  • You want your students to be able to post Announcement forum messages or Quickmail messages to the class.
  • You want your students to be able to add resources, links, assignments, or other activities to the course.
  • You want your students to be able to grade assignments or provide feedback through the assignment module or quiz module.
  • You want another faculty member to add shared content to your course, but not view the grades of your students.
  • You are teaching an upper-level seminar class that is student-led and students need to contribute to the course by adding content.

To learn how to assign this role, please seeĀ Changing a Participant’s Role.