Changing a Participant’s Role

Roles in Moodle define capabilities within a course.

The default role for all students is Student. The default role for instructors is Teacher. These settings are generated by the system when courses are created and students/instructors are enrolled in the courses.

What are the other roles?

Non-editing Teacher: allows students or other faculty to view and grade students’ work but may not alter or delete any activities or resources

Teaching Assistant: allows students or other faculty to alter or delete activities or resources but may not view or grade students’ work.

Blind-Quiz Grader: allows participant to grade quiz without visible student identities (See Combating Implicit Bias in Grading )


Change a participant’s role

  1. Locate the participant in the list of enrolled users.  Look at the Roles column for that participant.
  2. You can add a secondary role or remove their existing role and replace it with another. Secondary roles will always defer to the highest ranking permissions (i.e. participant with both Teacher and non-editing Teacher roles will defer to the permissions for the Teacher role rather than the non-editing Teacher.)
  3. You will not be allowed to remove system-generated roles. Roles that are removable will have an X next to the role.
  4. Click the X after that role that you want to remove.

3. When prompted, click Remove to confirm that the role should be removed.

4. Click the lock icon to see a list of roles that can be added to an individual.

5. Click the appropriate role.  It will be immediately added.