Gradebook Terminology

  • Access the gradebook from your course homepage by clicking Gradebook setup in the “Settings” block under Course Administration.
  • Grader report” displays students as rows and graded items as columns and is where you manually enter student grades and view grades. Clicking the “Turn editing on” in the top right corner will allow you to quickly edit any student’s grade for any assignment.
  • The “Grade History” allows instructors to view specific grade information for selected graded items and selected users during specified dates and times.
  • The “User Report” is the default view for students and displays a specific student’s grades for each graded item in the course.
  • The “Outcomes report” is only relevant if student outcomes are established site-wide or course-wide.  This report is not generally used at Centre.
  • The “Overview report” is only relevant for students and displays a student’s grades for all Moodle courses that he/she is enrolled in.
  • The “Single view” report allows instructors to view all grades in the course for a particular student, or all student grades for a particular assignment.
  • The “Gradebook Setup” tab allows you to add graded items your course and categorize them according to your grading style using preset or custom aggregations and other settings.
  • The “Scales” tab allows you to create custom scales that can be utilized in graded activities.
  • The “Letters” tab allows you to view and edit the different percentages that correspond to each letter grade for the course.
  • The “Import” tab allows you to import grades into your course from a CSV or XML file.
  • The “Export” tab allows you to export your course’s grades to an OpenDocument spreadsheet, Plain text file, Excel spreadsheet, or XML file.
  • The “ Course Grade Settings” tab allows you to change the settings that determine how the gradebook appears for all participants in a course.
  • The “Preferences: Grader report” tab allows you to set preferences for how the Grader report is displayed.

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