Podcast: Cheating in Sports and the Infamous Black Sox Scandal

Hello everyone, and welcome to our podcast. This podcast focused on cheating in sports, specifically the infamous 1919 Black Sox scandal. Benjamin Hadlock is the host, and for this podcast he brought in three historical experts to discuss the context of the scandal, and whether the Black Sox players got what they deserved. In particular, this podcast mainly focuses on the social and economic issues surrounding baseball at the time, specifically players rights. The first expert, Andrew Salchli, gives an overview of the event and focuses mainly on providing context for the scandal. Austin Lotspeich is brought in to argue that the Black Sox got what they deserved and why the punishment was justified. Trace Oliver is the final expert, and his argument is that the Black Sox players were forced to cheat due to the nature of baseball at the time. We hope that you enjoy and that, at the very least, you learned more about baseball and cheating.



Benjamin Hadlock


Trace Oliver

Austin Lotspeich

Andrew Salchli


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