Podcast: The Formation of the All-American Girls’ Professional Baseball League

Greetings, all! Thank you for taking a moment to visit our podcast page! It has been a wonderful experience to get to work together and create media based on sports history. In our podcast, you will find that we’ve taken the format of a long-running sports podcast, which we have dubbed, The All-American Sports Show. In this episode, titled “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”, we cover the formation of the AAGPBL (see title) and how it has impacted sports for women since its existence. In the show, we each take on a character persona but still use our true names to refer to each other. In following the long-running show format, two of us are hosts, presumably since the show’s beginning, and the other two are “experts” who we’ve brought in to help cover the day’s topic. We are:



Zoe Doubles

Jon Jones



Sam Goldizen

Parker Selin


As you listen, you’ll get a sense of the unique personas we all take on and you’ll see why we had such a good time recording this. We only hope that it will give you listeners as much joy and knowledge as we gained from making it. Please have a listen and enjoy the hard work we put into this!


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Intro/Outro Song:

“Kelli’s Number” by U.S. Army Blues

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