Welcome to HIS 393!

Welcome to the class site for HIS 393: Popular Sport and the Modern World, an upper division History class offered at Centre College in the Spring of 2018.

Click on “student blog posts” above to find blog posts written by students under their own direction: they were asked simply to focus on historical questions and dynamics, but could pick whatever topic they wanted. As a result, you can read through thirty blog posts on topics ranging from division in Irish sport to religion in American football to the use of the name “Chinese Taipei” in international sport to… well, the list goes on. There is great stuff here and I encourage you to have a look.

This site also provides links to podcasts, found by clicking “podcasts” above, produced by small groups of students working together, again with minimal assistance from their instructor outside of advice and feedback.

I’m very proud of the work these students have done. If you would like to know more about this class or History classes at Centre College, please feel free to get in touch.