New Features!!

We are now using Moodle version 3.5

Key Changes you need to know about are referenced below:

New Theme

The theme is now Boost, which uses the Navigation drawer on the left for basic navigation. This includes:

        • Participants – Where you manage Users, Groups, and Roles for your course. Click links for more information on utilizing each of these features.
        • Grades – how you access and manage the Gradebook and settings.
        • My Courses – see a limited list of courses for which you are enrolled.
        • Dashboard – where you can see all of your courses in a personalized dashboard, organized by either Timeline or Courses
          • This is a new feature with this version of Moodle
          • Also allows faculty to update course display with an image (for more information on this and the new Dashboard see Locating your Course)

You also now have the ability to create more screen space by hiding the Navigation drawer using the hamburger menu at the top left  


Where is Course Administration??
Course Administration Settings are now located in the top right of your course page, using the Settings (wheel) icon.
Clicking the icon will give you options you are used to seeing, such as:

Also included in the new Boost theme is something called Tours, which will guide you through navigating the new theme the first time you log into the site. You can turn this off or exit.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is a new feature for this version of Moodle that allows course activities and resources to be available to students, but not visible on the course page. This can help with course clutter and general organization. To read more and learn about how to use Stealth Mode, click Here.

Private Files

Although private files have been around for a long time, the new feature is that it is now integrated into the Navigation drawer, making it easy to access those files you need quickly. To learn more about private files, click Here.

Annotate PDF

Although not brand new to Moodle, it’s new to us. When using the Assignment module, instructors now have the ability to mark up student assignments directly in the browser through Annotate PDF. This is the default view when grading an assignment. Similar to Turnitin’s Feedback Studio, the Assignment module’s addition of Annotate PDF enables ease of grading and increases efficiency. To read more about Annotate PDF, click Here.

Mobile App

With a Moodle upgrade comes significant improvements to the Moodle mobile app.

  • Instructors can now grade from the mobile app
  • Students can take quizzes and submit assignments from the mobile app
  • To read more about all of the new features, click Here.