Changing Aggregation Method

If you imported an older Moodle course, you may find that the gradebook defaults to the older aggregation method, “Simple Weighted Mean of Grades” instead of “Natural”.

This can cause unintended issues when Moodle attempts to calculate student grades.

To change the Aggregation Method to Natural:
  1. Click on Grades in the Navigation drawer on the left-hand side of your course.
  2. From the drop down menu in the middle of the page, choose Gradebook Setup.
  3. To change the Course Aggregation method, click Edit under Actions for the row with the course name listed.
  4. Then click Edit settings.

5.  Ensure the Aggregation method is set to Natural, then click Save changes.

6. To change the Aggregation method for categories, click Edit under Actions for the row with the category Heading.

7. Then click Edit Settings.

8. Change the Aggregation method to Natural, then click Save changes.

9. Repeat Steps 6-8 for any categories that state “Simple Weighted Mean of Grades” as the aggregation method.

10. Scroll down and click Save changes at the bottom of the gradebook setup page when you have finished.