Exporting Grades from Moodle

Export Moodle Grades to Spreadsheet

The ability to export your Gradebook to Microsoft Excel offers you great flexibility. You can export grades just to maintain a backup offline or to use Excel to manage all your grading. Once the Gradebook is saved and opened in
Excel, you can make modifications, re-save the file and upload it back into Moodle.

Step 1: Set Export Options

  1. Click Export under Grade Administration in the Administration Block

2. Choose how you would like to export the gradebook:

    • OpenDocument spreadsheet
    • Plain text file
    • Excel Spreadsheet
    • XML file

We will use Excel Spreadsheet for this example

3. Click on Excel Spreadsheet link.

4. If you would like to export grade feedback with grades, check the “Include feedback in export” checkbox.



5. From the “Preview rows” drop-down menu, select the number of grade rows to preview.  NOTEEntire gradebook will be exported into Excel.



6. Select whether you wish to display grades as numeric (real), percentages, or as a Letter from the “Grade export display type” drop-down menu.



7. Select the number of decimals that should be displayed in export grade book from the “Grade export decimal points” drop-down menu.




Step 2: Select Grade Items to be Included in Export

1. From the “Grade items to be included” check all the grade book columns you wish to export. NOTE: By default, all columns are selected.



2. Click Submit.  The Export preview screen is displayed.

Step 3: Download Grades

1. Click Download. The File Download dialog box is displayed.



2. NOTE: Save file as .CSV, or open and save as .CSV.  Before importing an exported gradebook into Moodle, the exported gradbook must first be saved as a .CSV file.