Private Files is a Block available within Moodle when Editing is turned on.

Private Files allowed instructors to add resources, documents, images, and links to a private repository from their computer. These files are never visible by anyone other than the instructor.

The benefit of this Block is to allow faculty to keep files they might wish to use at some point in one of their courses in one easily-accessible location.

To Add the Private Files BlockĀ 

  1. Turn Editing On.
  2. Scroll down to the Add a Block drop down menu on the bottom right-hand side of your course.
  3. Find Private Files in the list of Blocks and click to add to your course.

4. To add files to the Private Files block, click Manage Private Files

5. Add files by dragging and dropping into the provided window or click the add files icon and browsing for files to upload.

6. Click Save Changes when you are finished.

7. The Files will be listed in your Private Files block.

To copy files FROM Private Files to your course

1. Drag the file from Private Files to your course content.

2. A box will popup asking you to name the link. You can name it the same. (It makes all items a URL link)

3. A new link to the content will now appear on your course page.