Using the Sharing Cart

The Sharing Cart is a Block that can be added to any course when Editing is turned on.

The sharing cart allows users to copy course material from one course to another (with or without user data).

To setup the Sharing Cart:

  1. Turn Editing On
  2. Scroll down to Add a Block on the right-hand side of your course page.
  3. In the drop down menu, select Sharing Cart from the list of available blocks. (You will need to do this ONCE for each course you want to transfer content between)

To transfer content from your Moodle Course to the Sharing Cart

  1. Click Edit next to any item you want to copy to the sharing cart.


2. You will see a new Copy to Sharing Cart icon appear. Click that to copy the item.

3. A popup will ask if you want to copy user data as well. Choose Yes, No, or cancel.


3. This item will now appear in your Sharing Cart.


Moving Item from Sharing Cart to another Course

1. To copy the item from the Sharing Cart to another course, go to the other course.

2. Turn Editing On

3. Make sure you see the Sharing Cart block in that course. (If it isn’t there, go back to step 3 in Setting up a Sharing Cart).

4. Click on the Copy to Course icon next to the item you wish to copy from the Sharing Cart

5. Click on your course content in any Topic area where you wish to copy the content to place it.


6. The content has now been transferred.