Adding Blocks to Your Course


Moodle is comprised of various sections and blocks. When editing is on, instructors have the ability to add additional blocks to their courses.

Moodle is slowly moving away from blocks and integrating more functions into the core structure of the navigation and menus, but Blocks are still available to add for now.

Adding Blocks to your course can provide easy access to certain processes, notifications, or information. Blocks add content to the sides of the course page, rather than the middle content area, keeping the course content area clear of extra clutter.

To add any new Block to your course page:

  1. Click the Settings (wheel) Icon and Click Turn Editing On
  2. Scroll down in the main course page to the Add a Block section (on the left-hand side of the course)
  3. Click Add a Block  and Choose desired Block from list.
  4. Click Settings (wheel) icon on the Block you just added and Select Configure x Block to change necessary settings.