Adding Ensemble Videos to Moodle

Ensemble Video is our Video On-Demand Service.

To easily link videos contained in the Ensemble Video Library to your Moodle course, you will begin by creating a Page.

1. Click the Settings (wheel) icon and click Turn editing on in the upper right corner of your course page.

2. Click one of the Add an activity or resource drop down menus and choose Page from the list.




Typically, the name you give this Page would be the name of the film you are linking to Moodle.






3. Under the Content section click on the Video icon.






4. Under the Link tab, click Browse Repositories.

You will see a file picker window with  Ensemble Video listed.







5. If asked to login, use your Centre credentials to login to Ensemble.

6. Select your Ensemble Video or playlist from the options provided. Click the Green arrow to add.







7. Click the Green Save button, then click Select this file.






8. Finally, Click Insert Media, then click Save and Display to see what the video looks like in your Moodle page.