Creating Turnitin Assignments

1. Click the Settings (wheel) icon and click Turn editing on in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. A series of “Add an activity or resource” drop down menus will appear. Click one of the drop down menus and click Turnitin Assignment 2.

3. Give the Turnitin Assignment a Name, and a Summary of the assignment (Instructions, if desired)

4. Choose the Submission Type from the drop down menu. (default is any submission type)

5.  Set the number of parts this assignment will have. (Most only have one, but if you want to allow a draft, or multiple pieces to an assignment, choose an appropriate number here)

6. Anonymous Grading will allow you to grade submissions without the author’s identity. Set to Yes if you want to use this feature.

7. Choosing Allow submission of any file type will allow users to upload files that may not be compatible with Turnitin’s Originality report or GradeMark settings, but allows greater student flexibility.

8. Determine whether to allow students to see their Originality report or not by selecting Yes or No from the drop down menu. (The default is Yes).


Setting up Assignment Part 1

*If you have multiple assignment parts, repeat these steps for each assignment part.

1. Give the Assignment Part a name (if you only have one part, it can be the same as the overall assignment you created above)

2. Set your start date, due date, and post date.

* Start date, due date, and post date default to the time you start the setup of the assignment. Change the due date as desired. The post date MUST be the same or after the due date.

Originality Report Options

1. Below are the default settings for the originality report options. None of these should need to be changed.

Grademark Options

1. You can choose to create and/or attach a rubric to this assignment here. Follow instructions on the Rubric Manager to setup the rubric.


Click Save and Display when you are finished setting up the assignment.