Read Aloud

Poodll has a new activity called Read Aloud which transcribes student audio and matches it to the passage for you using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Read Aloud allows students to:

  • Read passages of text
  • Receive feedback on reading attempt
  • Strive for target WPM
  • Have the ability for unlimited attempts
  • Read in multiple system languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese
To get started with Read Aloud
  1. Click the Settings (wheel) icon and click Turn Editing on in the upper right corner of your course page.
  2. Click one of the Add an activity or resource links and then click Read Aloud from the list.









3. Give the activity a name, and if you desire, a description.

4. Set a time limit that students will have to read the passage aloud.





5. Type or copy/paste your Reading passage into the text area.

6.  In the Alternatives text box, place words that are audibly confused in the English language, such as their|they’re|there or your|you’re (place one word set per line)

7. Set a Welcome and/or Feedback message if desired in the associated text boxes.

8. If you intend to grade students for this activity, you can set a Target WPM – if their word count is equal to or greater than the number in this box, they receive 100% for the activity.

9. Determine if students can exit early, and set the Max attempts.

10. Expand Grade to set grade type and point values.

11. Expand Recording and AI options to change the Passage Language and whether or not to adjust WPM.

12. Finally, Expand Post attempt options to determine what happens after they complete the activity and how/whether to display evaluation after the attempt.




13. When you are finished, click Save and return to course.


Grading passages
  1. Click on the Read Aloud assignment on your course page.
  2. The default View page will show you what the student sees.
  3. The Grading tab shows each students most recent attempt and their associated evaluation.
    • If you click Regrade or Grade Now links, you’ll be taken to the Attempt Grading Page, which allows you to manually grade the assignment, helping the AI transcriber.

To read more about the Read Aloud plugin click this link: