Save Default Quiz Settings

Can users save default settings for a quiz?

This capability is limited to the admin role on Moodle; however, there is a workaround. If you simply create a quiz, setup the way you typically do with your default review options, you can save that to your sharing cart or hide it in one of your topics for your course, using it as a template.

So, let’s say you setup your template quiz, calling it Template Quiz.

  1. Put in all of your settings but don’t add any questions. (You’re just creating the shell.)
  2. You can then add the Sharing Cart block to your course by scrolling down to add a block -> Sharing Cart.
  3. Then on that template quiz under Edit -> click Copy to sharing cart.






4. Use this template quiz to create each new quiz for this course or any other course (you’ll have to add the sharing cart for other courses – it automatically holds whatever is IN the sharing cart from course to course, you just have to add the block itself)

5. Copy the template quiz from the sharing cart to the course in question to begin adding quiz questions.







6. Then click on the course content area in whichever topic you want the next quiz to go and place it there.





7. Then you can click the Pencil icon to change the name or Edit to change timing, etc. and Add questions from there. (See adding questions to quiz)

Alternatively, you can just make this template hidden and copy/duplicate it from directly within your course, making necessary changes to each new quiz as you go and adding questions.