Adding Questions to Question Bank

Creating a bank of questions can increase efficiency in the quiz creation process by having questions ready to go for each potential quiz.

To add questions to the Question Bank
  1. Navigate to the Question Bank one of two ways:
    • Click on the Settings (wheel) icon and click More in the upper right corner of your course page. Then Click Question bank.










    • Click into a quiz shell you have started, and click the Settings (wheel) icon within the quiz and click Question bank.









2. Once you are in the Question Bank, navigate to the Category you wish to add questions to and click Create a new question.







3. Select your question type from the list. (i.e. Multiple Choice, True/False, Matching, etc.) and click Add.

4. Follow setup instructions to create question. For more information, consult setting up quiz questions.

5. Continue adding questions for all categories you wish, until you are finished, then return to your course home page.