Upload a Single File

To add an assignment:

1. Log in and go to your course; click Turn editing on in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. A series of “Add an activity or resource” drop down menus will appear. Click one of the drop down menus and click Assignment.



3. Type a name for the Assignment and a Description (these can be the same).

  • You can Enable Available from and Due date times by checking the Enable box.
  • When enabled, the cutoff date allows late assignment submission until this set date/time.


4. Choose your Submission type:

  • Online text allows students to type essay answers directly into the assignment window for submission.
  • File submissions allows students to upload documents for grading.
  • Maximum number of uploaded files determines the number of files for this assignment they can submit.


5. Choose Feedback types:

  • Feedback comments allows comments on uploaded assignments.
  • Offline grading worksheet allows download and upload of worksheet with student grades when marking the assignment.
  • Feedback files allows documents and audio uploads for student feedback on assignments.

6. Submission Settings:


  • Requiring students to click submit button allows them to keep a draft until they are ready to submit.
  • You can determine to Manually reopen attempts, if desired, and set a maximum number of attempts.


7. Assign a Grade, grading method, and category (if you have set these up- see Gradebook) This is also where you could select to use a Rubric.

Click Show More to see settings for Blind Marking and Marking Workflow



8. If you want to change group settings, see Managing Groups, otherwise, click Save and return to course.