Restore a Course

  1. Click into the course you want to transfer content into.
  2. Click the Settings (wheel) Icon and select Restore.








3. In the box that appears, you can either drag the backup file you just downloaded into the box or you can use the file picker to locate the downloaded backup. (File may be located on OneDrive in other storage location if you downloaded course backup at another time.)



4. You will see a list of items that will be restored. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.

5. Select Restore into this course option and choose either Merge the backup into this course or Delete contents first. (Unless you previously had material in your course on this server that you want to get rid of, usually you’ll want to just choose Merge.

        6. You will see a summary of what will be transferred into this course on the next page. Click Next.

7. **IMPORTANT STEP** Naming the course – the default when restoring a course is the name of the backup course you are restoring. You need to change this to reflect the name of the course as it should be. (i.e. backup was CHE-241-a-SP-2017 –> course name needs to be changed to CHE-241-a-FA-2019). Change this in both the course name and the Course short name.

    Change “Overwrite course configuration” from NO to YES. Then Change both the Course name and Course short name to reflect the current section/term/yr. You should also update the course       start date. Then Click Next until you reach the Perform Restore button.



8. Once the restore is complete, you will see a screen indicating  it completed successfully.  Click Continue to go to the course.