Backing Up a Course

1Description: This script will walk the faculty through the steps to backup a course, or parts of a course, separate from the sitewide backups a web server admin might make. These backups can provide a long-term backup for the faculty or can be imported into another course for reuse of the course material.

1. From the course you want to backup, click the Backup link in the Settings block under Course Administration.

2. Select your backup options

  •  Choose the activities and resources you want to include, the default is to include everything except course logs and grade history. If you are backing up for the purpose of moving course material to a new term, you’ll usually want to backup the course without student data.
  • Click Jump to Final Step to accept all defaults or
    • Click individual select boxes to select or deselect specific activities or resources to include in the backup.

  • Click the Next link to continue to the next page
  • Select what to include in your backup
    • Click the Bolded Heading titles to select or deselect entire sections of activities or resources, or their associated user data.
    • Alternatively, click individual select boxes to select or deselect specific activities, resources, or their associated user data to include in the backup.



  • Click next to continue the backup process
  • On the Next page
    • You can edit the default backup filename at the top of this page (backup-courseshortname-date-time.mbz).  You can change the name, but be sure to leave the .mbz extension at the end.



    • You will see the backup details, a list of files and user data that Moodle will include in the backup.


  • After confirming the backup details, click the Perform Backup link at the bottom.
  • On the next page, the progress of the backup is displayed.  Click the Continue link after “The backup file was successfully created” is displayed.


  • You will then be taken to the backupdata directory for your course.
    • You may click on a filename to download any backup file to your computer.


    • To find the backupdata directory later, click on the Restore link in the Course Administration block and look for the backupdata folder on the next page.