The Decision Makers: Preparing for the Work Ahead

Hey everyone,

Today was the third day of class and during our team’s work hour we were able to nail down several important details about our work to come that are going to be vital to help prepare for and set up some tasks in the coming days and weeks. We set up a relatively primitive timeline for what we plan to accomplish by certain dates, as well as if a single person is going to be responsible for completing it, and if so then we decided who would be the one to do it, or if we would work on the task as a group. An example is that we decided that since there are five essay parts of the portfolio and one non essay portion about our plan of action, each person would be given one to complete (I am responsible for the paper about the games we used as a reference for ours) and the plan of action would be completed as a group. We worked quite a bit on the plan of action today and were able to complete a significant amount of it.

During this time we also helped Will with his personal presentation tomorrow and decided who would present on for the coming presentations based on who wanted to talk about what topic. After this was discussed the potential story line that the character we are developing which will lead to several different endings based on previous actions taken in the story. However, since some of the actions the character will take will more likely than be based on actual events, it makes contingency a bit of an issue to work through. One example we pan to incorporate is Operation Valkyrie which was based on the idea that Hitler would be assassinated and the operation was where the Germans would arrest Nazi leadership and take over leadership of the nation. Since it failed in real life, the game could give a situation where it succeeded if certain choices are made or it could fail like it actually did if another path was chosen by the player. However if the player takes the path where the operation succeeds then we have to work out what that means for the impact it will have on the game play because we will have to base the remainder of that path of game play on events that did not actually occur but still has to be believable enough that it is coherent with the rest of the game and fun for the player. We talked about this issue for a decent amount of time and I believe we are coming closer to the best answer we can think of. As of now there are no concrete ideas about where the story could head after the success of the operation, only a few ideas circulating.

After discussing the potential future of our character, we realized we needed to first have a strong background story for him for the rest of the story and game play to flow coherently. While there are no details set in stone we agreed on the basics of the character: that he would be a German, most likely from the Hitler’s Youth program, relatively early on in the game the player would decide where his loyalties would lie, and his name would be G√ľnter Schmidt. The rest about the stories potential endings and our character’s background were put off to tomorrow after we had thought about it more and when we had more time to work together.

At the very end of class we started to look up images to go along with the game and finishing that was put off to tomorrow as well since we only looked for a few minutes to get ideas in our minds. After today’s work I would say we’re doing pretty well for a start and we seem to be progressing at a good rate.