Bad Company Progress Report

This past weekend, Blaise finished the storywriting for our pilot scene of the ‘Midnight Ride’, and I finished the writing for our ‘Back to the Future’ scene, in which President Kennedy returns to Cold War era White House with our created player and Paul Revere. While we hashed out the final dialogue and plot of our respective scenes, Jon worked to improve the battles within our game, and built more scenery. Kaeman finished the cover art for the start menu of our game, which I have to say looks pretty freaking dope right now. He also worked to get the avatars created for our British and Russian soldiers. In class, we mainly discussed how we were to break up the portfolio and exactly what we would discuss in each of our chapters. Blaise almost has the introduction finished, and will soon start writing about the historical research of the Revolutinary era. I’ve been working on the section discussing the influence of other video games seen in our own games, and will also write about the problems we had in our game involving historical context. Kaeman will write about the history surrounding the Cold War Era, and will also write our conclusion. Jon has been tasked with the design document, and timeline of our project. We are much further than expected, but we also understand that there is much more work to do.

Group 1: Bad Company – Day 2

Hello everyone! Day two for team Bad Company has been filled with intense discussions about some of the key aspects that will go into our game, including which software we will use, as well as a complete overhaul of our story line! With this being said, we made good progress towards putting these abstract plans into action!

Our discussion about which software we are going to use carried over from day one. Where we were introduced with multiple options. We narrowed down these options to GameMaker and RPG Maker. While RPG Maker is a much more simple program, a couple students from our group are skilled with technology and feel confident about being able to make a game with GameMaker. Because of the added complexity, GameMaker would allow us to do more with what we have. We would be able to customize certain aspects of the game that we would not be able to if we were using RPG Maker. With this being said, Jon and Kaeman, who are our tech guys, will play around with both of these programs in order to decide which they feel more comfortable with.


While those two are hard at work with that issue, Chase and myself will be working together in order to begin to formulate the story line and the lore behind the game play. In yesterday’s post we described that the main idea of the game would be based around the revolutionary war, with interesting elements from ancient Japanese culture. But because of the difficulties we found from tying those two very different time periods together, we completely scrapped the ancient Japanese idea. But with that we had a void to fill. In replacement of the ancient Japanese culture spin, we decided that we were going to introduce cold war era technology to the settings and events of the revolutionary war. The game picks up as that President John F. Kennedy time travels back to the 1770’s in order to save the revolution after the Soviet Union traveled back in time in order to help the British wipe America off of the map! JFK brings with him new, ‘futuristic’ at the time, weaponry that had never been seen before. The player creates a character and with the help of JFK, and other revolutionary war figures, drives the British from the homeland and will eventually win the revolutionary war.


The idea behind this interesting spin on the original story of the Revolutionary war is that the race for technology that occurred post World War II produced the invention of time travel. Russian scientists were the first to develop it, and in turn were the first to use it. Because of the tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States that were present in this era, the Soviet Union decided that they would attempt to alter history in order to ensure that America never became a thing in the first place, so that they could claim the spot of the world’s largest superpower.