The Centrenauts: Progress update

Greetings class,

This is the last week of the Centre term, and that means the deadline of everything is coming. The Centrenauts has been through multiple challenges during the development of Espionaut, and it is proud to say that they were all solved perfectly. Everyone in the Cemtrenauts group was working hard this past weekend. Each individual was focusing on their assigned parts from the portfolio. On the Sunday night, the group members held a 2-hour meeting in the library to work as a group. We shared our thoughts on our own parts, and confirmed with each other if this part went right. High efficiency while we working as a group, and boost up the speed of the final portfolio.

While we were working on the parts, the game itself was being tested as well. Right now the game is running fine, but not so smooth. It is really funny to see our spy can only “sprint” in the game instead of “walking”. I think Alex is going to fix this problem. Also, we were discussing something else about the game: What are we going to show the people when the demo is over?

Maybe the spy is going to sleep, who knows. Someone said. Well, let’s just let the players explore the map by themselves. Another one said.

It was stressful to write the portfolio, however, it seemed much better if the group members meet together.

For today, we went through the agenda for this week. Finishing up the portfolio by Tuesday and meet together in the evening. We will go through them together and make sure that every part of the portfolio connects with each other. So now, everything is on track. People will keep correcting their drafts for the portfolio and makes sure the game is going to run smoothly (without bugs)on Wednesday.I am working on the introduction part of the portfolio. I am in struggle because it is a HUGE project for an English-as-second-language student. Connecting each sentences makes me feel panic and what’s more, my poor grammar is my weak point. I am going to show my introduction part to the ESL teacher in order to get some help before something more terrible is going to happen later.

I still look forward to the group presentation day, and I am certain that this class will be memorable to me.

The Centrenauts: New progress

Greetings to FYS159 friends:


Today is like the transpoint for our game projects. Yes, we are still doing the research, however, we are going to put more time on the game development at this stage. The members of Centrenauts met on Sunday night to work on the profolio and the game itself. Yesterday we talked about assigning the portfolio part to each group member, the problems about the RPGmaker, and the plan for the next couple of days. We also helped to put the texts in the actual games. (Which proved it is working later.)


Today in class, we were trying to figure out how to create the intro cutscenes in our game. Watching couple of Youtube tutorial videos, Alex figured out how to make the intro cutscenes. We tested the game, and it worked perfectly fine. According to our planned storyline, there should be an secondary location called pas de calais to be seen on the map. We managed to make a cutscene which there will be a plane flying pass this beach to give the players some “hints”. That means we have to work on designing the “ocean map” at this point. Also, we encountering the several bugs in the game. When our spy is out of the general’s office, he immediately walked “under” the map. We found it, we laughed at it, and we definitely are going to fix this problem as soon as possible.


As and addition, we are still writing about the dialogues that will appear in the gameplay. The script should be come out soon since everything is on right track at this point. Plotting these conversations in the actual gameplay is one of our huge tasks right now.  Every member of the group will join the writing of portfolio and will finish their own part on time.

The Centrenauts: Background setup

Greetings to all,


Today, the Centrenuts members has a conversation about the detailed background for the game. First we discussed what to do for tomorrow’s speech. Who is going to go, what to talk about, etc. We decide to make the slide shows to help us presenting. Alex is going to talk about the basic, central idea/core of the game and the reason for choosing RPGmaker to make our own game.

Then we started setting up the roles that the players could choose. There are going to be three spies from allied countries with their own talents. Thinking about the dialogues and the multi-endings we planned for the gameplay, we decide to let the player’s choice be influenceable. Each choice/reaction the player chooses will be somehow leading to a bad or good ending. Considering famous wars/events during the WW2, we finally decides the Normandy landings (also known as the “D-Day”) will be the backstory of the game. Because we found one book contains detailed informations about the policies the spies used before the Normandy Landings happened, and D-Day is also a famous event happened during the WW2 times. Started researching on the related materials, this is the direction where our group will go. Meanwhile, we also attributed different tasks to focus on. Designing the dialogues and choices, making game map, collecting the related historical informations and so on. It will require a lot of time but the group members are willing to do anything to make the game looks great.

The books we borrowed from the library really contribute huge help towards our decisions and future plans. More research will be going on in the next few days, as we are ready to focus on the normandy landings and some related stories and informations. We are also getting to work on the portfolio pages. Because the group members are sharing one Google doc page, which we can put whatever informations we read found useful in it. It will greatly help us to push the progress faster in general.