TDM signing off

Speaking for my team members, I know we all have enjoyed our first year Centre term class. The freedom that was given to us to create freely was a blast. We all gained valuable skills in group work that will help us in future classes as well as our careers in the future. We want to think the class for providing a space that we could freely create without judgment, because we all know how are game could have offended someone. The creation of our game will be something the five of us share for our time at Centre.

We would also like to say how grateful we are to have had the experience to research our own ideas when creating this game. We were not given a restriction to what we had to create. We were given the burden of freedom to make our own choices when it came to our video game. We were allowed to use our interest to create something we thought would be fun for people to experience. All of the groups were allowed to do this. It shows in the final products of our games how not one single game was the same. Some focused on more of a linear story, others gave the freedom of choice. All three of our games have strengths and weaknesses that possibly with more time could have been turned into really good products.

I know that the experiences I have had in this class will stick with me for my time at Centre. All the lessons that we were taught and have learned will help every single one of us in a different way. Not everyone will take the same lessons as everyone else due to us all having different interest, but I am sure we all have taken away something from the class. Just as we all have taken away something from this class, we have all given something to the class. We all have had different thoughts on research that maybe the whole group has not thought of. In all the uniqueness of the group we had provided different insights on all of our research. The individual presentations have also given us the ability to see a different perspective on an issue that we all thought would have been simple, but we turned into a complex idea. With all history, we have learned that it is always complicated.

Thank you all for the joy that this class has brought.

TDM update

We have started the sprint to the finish line, and we are looking pretty good. We have finished our story line and put everything in Twine. Therefore our game is finished in theory. All we have to do now is finish our portfolio which we have all started on our papers that we have decided to do for the portfolio and plan on finishing the papers by Monday. This will give us all next week to focus on our final presentations. We have also started the final presentation as of today. Our team is on a good pace to finish everything by the 24th.

The game turned out pretty well. We created multiple different endings which gives our game replay-ability. We also included one or two Easter eggs that the players can make certain choices to get these surprise endings early on. Now the decisions are ones that we hope no player would regularly choose, since they are just wrong choices that any person would know not to choose. Still in total, not including the Easter eggs, we have created multiple endings where Günter can either die or survive. However, just because he survives does not mean it will be a good ending.

We even created an ending where the players can choose to try and stop the July Plot but fail. This we believe gives our game a counterfactual way to that our main character can have impacts on how history truly plays out. There is also an ending that the player can choose to help the conspirators but the mission still fails. With both endings we wanted to show the player that their choices do matter.

It was important to for us to show that even though people were involved in the Nazi Army, they were not all evil. Yes some were. Most of them even were. However to make the assumption that all were evil takes away from the complexities of the times. Not all soldiers were loyal till death the Hitler. This shows in our research through the July Plot. Hitler had his doubters and those that wanted him out of power. We just had to figure out how we wanted to show that in our game. It was hard to create a Nazi soldier because we have the ability of hindsight and know what terrible things the Nazis did. Even presenting a Nazi as a good guy is controversial. Therefore, we decided to let some players play as the bad guy. Of course we did not want to touch any of the atrociteis they committed. However, we saw that we could use the July Plot as our main thing. It is interactions between Nazis and Nazis alone. Therefore we are not bringing in any other characters from another background so as to not offend anyone. If its Nazis killing Nazis then it is bad guy killing bad guy. We thought this was a way we could implement the moral choice system into our game.

In all our game came out much like we wanted. We were able to have a Nazi character that made moral choices that impacted his life. Therefore, we gave players choice and hopefully impacted how they feel making those choices. We wanted the players to think long and hard about what they were doing. In our opinions, we got that right.

TDM: Handling Our Choices

For a large part of our group discussions, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how deal with the choice of creating a Nazi character. If we decide to stay true to the history, then our character would not be relatable due to the harsh aspects of their lives. On the other hand, if we created a Nazi character that did not follow the ideals of the time period, we would be altering history. So therefore we decided to allow the player to choose. Sometimes people have the urge to be the bad guy in a video game. Games like Red Dead 2 give the option of being the bad guy, and some players think that is more fun than finding the moral high ground. So for some players they will have the choice to be loyal and play that role as the bad guy. For other players, they can try and change history through the July Plot. We decided to use this as the “good” ending to our game due to us being able to show how not all agreed with what Hitler was doing. One of the NPC’s in the game will be Erwin Rommel. A top Nazi general who was a part of the July plot.

In allowing our character to be a part of this, we allow the player to control the outcome of the game. They can either help it succeed and change history, or they can cause its downfall and stay true to history. For this we drew inspiration from different types of games that allow players to be an unmentioned person in history. The Assassins Creed games do this in AC3 with the protagonist Connor. He is an invisible force in the history of the AC games. He influences battles and choices of the founding fathers that will eventually lead to the creation of the United States. Connor was just an invisible force that played a major role in the outcome, but the games core lore allows for this to be okay. As the character is part of a secret organization. This is where we will find some problems. How do we tell the history of the July Plot with a character that does not exist. That is where altering history comes into play. If we add a character it could be the missing link they did not have.

The player will be able to make choices that impact the outcome of the game. We have created three kinds of ways to play this game. The first being a way to stay loyal to Germany during WWII. This will allow players to be the bad guy of the game. As in history they will be able to take part in making sure the July plot fails. Making enemies with the head leaders of the plot. The other choice is the ability to be a part of the July Plot. In this the player will have to make choices that will impact the outcome of the plot. This being that it will be successful and change history, or it will fail and the history will stay the course. Our character however will be forgotten to history as he is going to be forgotten for some reason. We still have not thought of the reason why he will be forgotten however.

The Decision Makers: Creating a German Soldier

For today’s work we all went to the library to try and create a sense of what it was like to be a soldier in the Third Reich. We mainly found books about the life of a soldier and what they had to go through during that time. In a sense it is hard to create a soldier in the Nazi Military due to the actions of them in the Second World War. The perspective that all of the Nazi Regime was evil and brutal is something that we knew we had deal with when creating this character. Therefore, we decided to create a soldier who was not the blindly obedient to the regime and Adolf Hitler.

For our character we decided that he should be someone who is different than the rest of their fellow soldiers. Günter, who is our main character, will face moral dilemmas that can have good impact for people and bad impacts for the player or good impacts for the player and bad impacts for others. This will allow for the player to decide how they want to play the game. If they want to follow the regime or stand out and be different. One aspect will will try to incorporate different ending for the player depending on what they choose. Some even being death for the player.

The hard part about this is creating a character who is morally obligated to follow one path or the other. We gathered sources on the life of soldiers including when they were first introduced to the group of Hitler’s youth. We decided to allow our character to be able to choose how loyal he is to the Nazi regime. In different play through the player will be able to side with the regime or create his own kind of moral system.

The best aspect of our game we think will be the ability of the player to choose what they want the story to be like. they can choose to follow the path that most soldiers would have chosen which is a blind obedience to the regime. Or to follow a path of a moral high ground that would have been different in the time period. We decided to create the best possible role playing game where choices have impacts that would allow the player to create their own story. In doing so almost every play through will have a different outcome. The best that we could do is to allow the player the choice to choose. In doing this they can be the evil solider that people think of as the typical Nazi soldier. Or they can be the needle in a hay stack and find that moral high ground. Either way they will enjoy their play through.

We found several sources that we will use to describe a Nazi soldiers life in the world war. Allowing the most accurate representation of a soldiers life of that day. So players can choose to be the same. or they can be different. the choice is theirs.