It is almost the end of Centre Term. Our video game production is coming to an end with our final demo to be displayed tomorrow. Throughout this whole term, I have been responsible for thinking of other video games that could impact our’s. So I’m here today to talk about a type of mechanic in a few video games that led me to use them in our game. The mechanic, I call it, is Chain Dialogue.

Chain Dialogue is when the user interacts with an FPC who will display lines of dialogue as a response. Usually there are two or more options to choose from. Depending on which answer, the conversation or interaction can so good or bad. Each specific choice will have a great impact later on in the story. The two main games I referenced for this were Kindergarten and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Kindergarten is a PC game where you’re a child at a school trying to solve a mystery. Each little student has a quest to do. Interacting through dialogue is the only option so it has to be read carefully. Usually if a wrong answer is chosen, the FPC will say an excuse and try to give you another chance. A youtuber by the name of Ohmwrecker does the series for this game on Youtube and its quite entertaining.

Black Ops two has the more personal choice options of dialogue. In Kindergarten, if the wrong path is taken, the game will possibly need a restart. In the Black Ops 2 Campaign, you have many times during the story where a decision has to be made. This decision will affect the future outcome of the story, but won’t restart the game. Basically the main difference is Kindergarten has one single outcome while Black Ops 2 has multiple endings. I loved using these games a references because I went back and watched vide0s on the games. Overall the project was fun to work on with my group. I met some new people and made some memories this Centre Term. Cant wait for future ones to come.


Centrenauts Update

As of right now, we are very focused on the storyline of our game. We are currently working on all the possible outcomes that could happen. Easter Eggs are also an interesting topic we may include, but it would be like a small picture or item from actual history. There would be no steps involved in achieving such easter egg. Recently, I have been looking at other games that could potentially influence our game. Such games found so far are Pokemon Blue, Kindergarten, Wolfenstein, Call of Duty WW2, and actually a movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

In the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones works with a girl who appears to be his partner. As the movie progresses, she starts to turn on him. When she gets what she needs, she hands him over and reveals she’s part of the Nazi party. We may include a scenario where our character gets caught by a double crossing spy. We have also read on books of double crossing spies and are basing our main allied spy of such. The progress of storyline and portfolio are coming along. The game itself can be tedious at some points from what Jordan and Alex have showed me.

We should have our whole presentation wrapped up in time for presentation. I still have to work on our conclusion on whats worked and failed, but we are really looking forward to showing our game and getting feed back on it.

The Centrenauts: Women as spies during WWII

As recently discussed by past group members, the whole idea of our video game’s content is centered around a spy. Spies during World War 2 played major roles by deceiving and manipulating others for information. This information usually would result in one army getting an advantage over the opponent. But how did women play roles in WW2?

In the book, Spies and Traitors of World War 2, a german admiral named Frau Canaris used women for spies as he believed they were less suspicious. What Canaris did though can be seen as necessary or not, depending on your approval of his tactics. His first spy was Margarete Gertrude Zelle. Her stage name was “Mata Hari”. Basically Frau fell in love with and sent her to Paris to dance for, fascinate, and learn information from French Generals. She did this quite well and as her absence from Frau lengthened, his love for her was suppressed. She eventually came back and their love was re-ignited once more, but what Frau did next is debatable. He sent her on one last trip to Paris for task. However, this time when she arrived she was arrested for being a spy. How she was caught is the catch. Frau informed the French that she is a spy and planned a trip that would end in her arrest. The whole idea of “no loose ends” is very interesting in war as it can be seen as unethical or crucial, depending on the oppressor’s beliefs.

Frau did this tactic numerous times as he prioritized his country’s victory in the war over a person’s life. Women were used as pawns by this man. I found this very interesting in relating to our progress as this could be a potential outcome to a path taken in our game.