Team Bad Company: Fortnite

Nearly everyone who pays attention to the realm of video games has heard of Fortnite. It is a battle royale style game that has recently had a large boom. It is very similar in mechanics to games like H1Z1: King of the Kill, and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Though Fortnite is a battle royale game it has served as an influence on my thoughts during our game making process. Why is it such a successful game when it is really just a simpler version of PUBG?

I think that the simplicity that Fortnite exemplifies is a prime reason for its success. Being open to all age groups, Fortnite’s weapon tiers are very simple and even color coded. Meaning within the first couple of games you play you can really get a grasp of which tier of weapons is better than the others. Also, the weapons are very balanced. One would go into the game thinking that pistols are probably a last resort when it comes to combat. But in reality, if you are within a reasonable distance, pistols can actually prove quite effective. This balancing makes it to where even if you don’t get the lucky jump on all the loot, or you get unlucky with your chest loots, you still have a good shot at overcoming opponents in gunfights.

Not only is the combat mechanics of this game supreme to others, the aspect of collecting materials to build structures is a new and innovative mechanic that Epic Games decided to include in the Battle Royale version of Fortnite. This puts a huge spin on the Battle Royale genre. Being able to do this means that you can be running through an open field, and as soon as you hear that you are being shot at, you can throw up your own dynamic cover that can play to your advantage in multiple ways. Learning to build quickly and effectively is a key skill to learn in the early stages of playing the game.

This weapon tier system, as well as the material collecting, is something that I would have loved to input into our game. That is if we had the time and resources to do so. Being able to implement these systems into an RPG though would be challenging not only on the tech side but with the story side as well. How can one musket be better than the other if you are still holding true to historical accuracy? In my opinion, this would be one of those instances where we would partially put aside the historical accuracy aspect and focus on the fun and playability of the game. Because implementing that into a game makes the player have a more interactive experience with their surroundings. The weapon tier system allows the player to always be able to find an upgrade or to work towards something, meaning that they wouldn’t really ever plateau¬†in the story.

I just got finished playing a few hours of Fortnite with my friends, and as I was playing I couldn’t help but think of ways we could have put some of the aspects of the game into our game as well. So that is why this blog post is about this great game.

Bad Company 1-16 Update

Hello everyone, I know this post is a little late but I hope you all find it well. Our group has been working tirelessly and have really been working towards creating this fun and interesting game. The parts are all starting to come together!


We have officially decided on what our full story is going to include. We are going to start out with our tutorial level as described in previous blog posts. The player is going to wake up in a tavern in revolutionary Boston. When they walk outside the player will fight through squads of British soldiers, and finally, at the end, they will fight a British commander who is troubling the townspeople. I won’t go into the details of the big ‘spin’ that we are putting on the traditional revolutionary war story. But it involved figures from the cold war era using time travel to alter history. Once the tutorial is over there will be a ‘back to the future’ level where our player and their party will travel forward in time to the white house in 1963. After this brief, but interesting, level, the player and their party will travel back to the revolutionary war time period where they will travel around the colonies helping out multiple revolutionary era figures in different battles and other events that they might run in to. The first figure that the player runs in to is George Washington. We meet George Washington as he is about to cross the Delaware River on his way to carry out the surprise attack at the battle of Trenton. But, once the party helps the first president cross the Delaware, they run into some unforeseen resistance. The end of this level ends as the revolutionaries win the battle of Trenton. George Washington then joins the party and the party continues. The party ends up growing to a group of 5 total people, including the player character, and the last level of the game includes a large battle between the player and his party, and an entity that is representative of the United Kingdom.


While the story has finally come together and members of our group are working hard to code some of the specifics of the game, the rest of the group is hard at work taking care of the writing portion of the class. We have created an outline of our portfolio that is pretty well set. We will be writing in hopes of having a first draft of the portfolio done by Friday or Saturday in order to give us all time to edit and revise the portfolio in order to make it is well written as possible. In our portfolio, we are planning on going in depth into some of the historical research that we have conducted in order to make our game as historically accurate as possible. In addition to the historical research, we will also be describing certain aspects of the game that we would have liked to put into the game, but we could not do so because of time and technological restraints.


The Coming Together of Our Storyline – Group 1: Bad Company

Hi everyone, this post is aimed at giving some pointers about our progress that our group made on Wednesday. During class, we discussed the final workings of the storyline that will go into our ‘pilot’ or tutorial level. As well as setting up an outside of class meeting time for that last night. During this meeting, we began brainstorming ideas for what our future levels would entail.


As for the pilot level, we are pretty set in stone for what is going to happen. The player character will wake up in a tavern in Concord, Massachusetts where they will hear the cries of Paul Revere: “The British are coming! The British are coming!”¬† From here, the player will give some descriptive characteristics of what he wants his virtual character to look like. Based on their answers, the player will play as one of eight pre-set characters that have been made. Jon has worked very hard to implement this system of character customization, and we are very grateful for his skills. Once the player has created his character, he will go downstairs to meet Paul Revere, who will ask the character to join him to help fight back against the British, who are planning a surprise attack at Lexington and Concord. This is our first piece of historical representation. Paul Revere’s famous ‘Midnight Ride’ when he caught wind of information that led him to believe that the British were attacking, so he set out on horseback and rode all the way from Boston, Mass. to Concord, Mass. in order to warn the American militia that the British were coming.

Once you are grouped with Mr. Revere, you will traverse through the town, taking on two small, simple fights that will help teach the player the game mechanics. Eventually, you will reach a final ‘boss.’ We plan on having the character and Paul Revere run into a British squadron led by a commander. This fight will be too hard at first, and the player and Revere will suffer a defeat. As you are defeated, an unknown man will walk through a time travel portal claiming to be John F. Kennedy, who has come from the future to save the outcome of the revolutionary war. Apparently, the Russians have stolen the time travel technology that American scientists had developed during the ‘space race’ in the cold war era, and are planning on using it in order to ensure America had never become a thing. So the Russians are coming back to arm the British Redcoats with more modern weaponry, and JFK took it upon himself to do the same for the revolutionaries.

Upon his arrival, he uses these modern weapons and aids the player in a rematch against the British commander and his squad. With JFK’s help, the fight is very easy. After this altercation, JFK explains that he needs help disposing of the Russian spies who stole the technology from the White House. The player character and Paul Revere at this point have no idea who JFK is and blindly follows him into the portal. This marks the end of the pilot level.

After the pilot level, we have had discussions of implementing a ‘back to the future’ scene in which we play through what actually happens when JFK takes them back to 1963. We have not set anything in stone yet though, as we continue deliberations in order to make it the most interesting, yet most historically accurate as possible.


Group 1: Bad Company – Day 2

Hello everyone! Day two for team Bad Company has been filled with intense discussions about some of the key aspects that will go into our game, including which software we will use, as well as a complete overhaul of our story line! With this being said, we made good progress towards putting these abstract plans into action!

Our discussion about which software we are going to use carried over from day one. Where we were introduced with multiple options. We narrowed down these options to GameMaker and RPG Maker. While RPG Maker is a much more simple program, a couple students from our group are skilled with technology and feel confident about being able to make a game with GameMaker. Because of the added complexity, GameMaker would allow us to do more with what we have. We would be able to customize certain aspects of the game that we would not be able to if we were using RPG Maker. With this being said, Jon and Kaeman, who are our tech guys, will play around with both of these programs in order to decide which they feel more comfortable with.


While those two are hard at work with that issue, Chase and myself will be working together in order to begin to formulate the story line and the lore behind the game play. In yesterday’s post we described that the main idea of the game would be based around the revolutionary war, with interesting elements from ancient Japanese culture. But because of the difficulties we found from tying those two very different time periods together, we completely scrapped the ancient Japanese idea. But with that we had a void to fill. In replacement of the ancient Japanese culture spin, we decided that we were going to introduce cold war era technology to the settings and events of the revolutionary war. The game picks up as that President John F. Kennedy time travels back to the 1770’s in order to save the revolution after the Soviet Union traveled back in time in order to help the British wipe America off of the map! JFK brings with him new, ‘futuristic’ at the time, weaponry that had never been seen before. The player creates a character and with the help of JFK, and other revolutionary war figures, drives the British from the homeland and will eventually win the revolutionary war.


The idea behind this interesting spin on the original story of the Revolutionary war is that the race for technology that occurred post World War II produced the invention of time travel. Russian scientists were the first to develop it, and in turn were the first to use it. Because of the tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States that were present in this era, the Soviet Union decided that they would attempt to alter history in order to ensure that America never became a thing in the first place, so that they could claim the spot of the world’s largest superpower.