From Sea to Shining Sea Squad: Farewell!

Farewell, readers!


As of last night around 11:00 pm, the team finished up our final demo of From Sea to Shining Sea. It’s a little bittersweet to wrap up this project. We all became really invested in the development of the game, and we wish that we could have seen it through a little further. However, we are all very proud of what we have been able to accomplish in the time we had. The group really enjoyed going through the development process together and learning to navigate the different pitfalls we encountered.

The whole process has made us think about the medium of video games in an entirely new way. When we began initially planning out the concept for our game, we were not looking for an exact story that we wanted to tell. We wanted to communicate a personal experience to the player. We realized that the medium allows us to create something that goes beyond the observation of an experience. We could make the player participate directly in that experience.

Although we found this to be a challenge, we ultimately feel that we were successful, but understanding the process that goes into creating an immersive and historically engaging virtual experience was eye opening to say the least. Both the sheer volume of work that had to be done and the diversity of tasks seemed daunting. The combination of historical research and analysis combined with the creativity and literary skill needed to flesh out the game provided for some interesting challenges in how we could reconcile our creative urges while maintaining our desired degree of historical accuracy. However, perhaps this creative engagement with history in and of itself is a valid historical process. The ideas and fears that From Sea to Shining Sea interacts with were real and tangible things that people had to deal with in their daily lives. Perhaps this creative retelling and imagining of those fears is itself a compelling and useful way to tell history.


The past few weeks have been a blast, and I won’t forget them anytime soon. I hope that you enjoy our game, and that you find it thought provoking. The game is meant to make you think. Let it. Consider the themes that are presented and take them to heart.


Thank you so much! This is Luke Hussung from The Sea to Shining Sea Squad signing off.




Other members of the team are planning to write their own goodbyes in the comments of this post. Be sure to read theirs as well!

2 thoughts on “From Sea to Shining Sea Squad: Farewell!

  • January 25, 2019 at 2:42 am

    Although class is over and I am happy to be finished with our game and now get to enjoy my Centre Term break, the realization that my History and Video Games class is over makes the ending bittersweet. Over my Centre Term I learned so much about the history of video games, how video games tell stories, and what goes into making a video game. But along with this knowledge of video games and history I learned some valuable lessons on how to properly work within a group, some better techniques for public speaking, and made friendships with my teammates. I’d like to thank Dr. Harney for providing Centre FYS with this class because it is extremely fun, interesting, and relevant to a large portion of students and will continue to be relevant as video games become more mainstream in the near future. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in FYS 159 with Dr. Harney and the From Sea to Shining Sea Squad, this class and the experience it provided me has forever changed the way I look at video games and the subject of history.

  • January 25, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    This class was honestly the most fun class I have ever taken. It has really opened my eyes on what video games actually are rather than what they’re portrayed to be. I learned a lot about the history within video games and the prevalence of those games in todays world and how video games not only tell us about our creativity but also the hidden messages within them. Over the course of the semester, From Sea to Shining Sea Squad have all been working hard and making sure everything is A1 and working with them created a bond between us, I love our finished product and everything we accomplished. This class wouldn’t have been as fun without every person in my group and definitely not as fun without the man himself, Prof. Harney. I hope to see you continuing this course for years to come, you definitely taught this better than I could ever imagine.


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