TDM signing off

Speaking for my team members, I know we all have enjoyed our first year Centre term class. The freedom that was given to us to create freely was a blast. We all gained valuable skills in group work that will help us in future classes as well as our careers in the future. We want to think the class for providing a space that we could freely create without judgment, because we all know how are game could have offended someone. The creation of our game will be something the five of us share for our time at Centre.

We would also like to say how grateful we are to have had the experience to research our own ideas when creating this game. We were not given a restriction to what we had to create. We were given the burden of freedom to make our own choices when it came to our video game. We were allowed to use our interest to create something we thought would be fun for people to experience. All of the groups were allowed to do this. It shows in the final products of our games how not one single game was the same. Some focused on more of a linear story, others gave the freedom of choice. All three of our games have strengths and weaknesses that possibly with more time could have been turned into really good products.

I know that the experiences I have had in this class will stick with me for my time at Centre. All the lessons that we were taught and have learned will help every single one of us in a different way. Not everyone will take the same lessons as everyone else due to us all having different interest, but I am sure we all have taken away something from the class. Just as we all have taken away something from this class, we have all given something to the class. We all have had different thoughts on research that maybe the whole group has not thought of. In all the uniqueness of the group we had provided different insights on all of our research. The individual presentations have also given us the ability to see a different perspective on an issue that we all thought would have been simple, but we turned into a complex idea. With all history, we have learned that it is always complicated.

Thank you all for the joy that this class has brought.

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