From Sea to Shining Sea Squad: “From Sea to Shining Sea”

Hello Everyone,

Our game, From Sea to Shining Sea, is set in the heat of the Cold War, October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We chose this time because it was the closet the world has ever came to nuclear war. Thankfully the U.S. and the USSR were able to come to terms and successfully avoided a major catastrophe, the question still remains, how would the world look if nuclear war was waged? This is exactly the question that From Sea to Shining Sea poses and using an engaging story line the player is allowed to see the consequences of nuclear warfare. While depicting this awful counterfactual our game also makes comments on Cold War aspects such as McCarthyism, gender roles, and the dangers of an over powered government. This creates a gaming experience that is interesting but also correctly depicts different aspects of the Cold War.

Team Members:

Brenna Rodgers- Brenna has spent a ton of her family time playing video games. She likes to play competitive games like Mario Kart but she also likes playing games like Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda series. In addition, she enjoys games that are heavily story based. Brenna focuses on the creation of the game as well as the introduction and conclusion of the portfolio.

Cole Frazier- Cole enjoys playing sports games like the Madden and NBA 2k series, but he is also a real MLG because he loves the Fallout series. Cole focused on historical research for the most part, studying sources on McCarthyism, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and American heads of state during the Cold War.

Luke Duncan- Luke is from the small town of Danville, KY where he grew up playing sports and video games with friends. His favorite game memories include quick scoping noobs on MW2, Black Ops Zombies, and raging after losing a game of NCAA football. Luke focuses on the historical research and challenges in the game.

Luke Hussung- Luke is from Knoxville, TN and grew up playing Nintendo games with his family. He spent many hours of his childhood playing a Night Elf Druid on World of Warcraft. Luke worked mainly on the creation of the game in Twine and on the games referenced paper.

Nick Alicea- Nick enjoys playing Call of Duty and solo games like Skyrim or the new Spiderman game. Nick worked on the historical research and on the essays in the portfolio.

Recommended Readings and Sources:

Fog of War, directed by Errol Morris (2003; United States: Sony Picture Classics, 2003), DVD.

The Kennedy Tapes, ed. Ernest R. Kay and Philip D. Zelikow (Cambridge, MA, The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1997)

McCarthyism, ed. Thomas C. Reeves. (Malabar, FL, Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company Inc., 1973)

Steinberg, Peter L., The Great “Red Menace”: The Prosecution of American Communists 1947- 1952. (Westport CT, Greenwood Press, 1984)

Carmichael, Virginia, The Rosenberg Story and the Cold War. (Minneapolis, MN, University of Minnesota Press, 1993)

McNamara, Robert. In Retrospect. ( New York, Time Books, 1995)

Hilsman, Roger. The Cuban Missile Crisis: The Struggle Over Policy. (Westport, CT, Praeger Publishers, 1996)

Hachiya, Michihiko. Hiroshima Diary (New York: Van Rees Press, 1955)


From Sea to Shining Sea Squad had a an awesome time researching, creating and playing the whole term. Everyone in our group would agree that this Centre Term was one that we will look back on and cherish because not only did we get to participate in one of our favorite hobbies, we got a taste of what goes into creating the games that we enjoy. We will never look at video games the same after this term because now we are aware of the story telling, history recapping and thought provoking potential that exists in games. Not only are video games a medium in which history and many other topics can be discussed, they are also an art form if done with care, and it has been a pleasure to create our video game this semester.

Sincerely, From Sea to Shining Sea Squad


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