From Sea to Shining Sea Squad: Close to the Finish Line

Hi Everyone!

The From Sea to Shining Sea Squad has been hard at work for the past three weeks in order to create a fun, interesting game based on the Cold War. We’ve been working almost nonstop for our last few days in order to make our portfolio and our final product of our video game. Who needs sleep when you’re a video game developer? We met for an 2 hours after class and then 2 more later in the day to finish the game and put some finishing touches on our portfolio. We felt like it was super important to make the portfolio as good as we could possible make it while also maintaining the focus on our game. We also, despite not being able to finish all of what we wanted to finish for the game, gave it our best effort to bring the game to an ending spot that we were proud of. If anyone tells you that it’s easy to make a game in three weeks, they’re lying! However, it’s still tons of fun!

Today in class was Demo Day where we got to display our game to the others and vice versa. This had me and, I think, the rest of my group pretty nervous. It’s a little scary putting so much time and effort into something and then finally have people get to play through the game. It was really exciting getting to see everyone enjoying our game as well as being able to enjoy other groups’ games. I know Luke and I were a little apprehensive about putting so much detail and visualization into the game since we were the ones in charge of making the game. However, it seems like that was a high point about our game in other people’s opinions. It was interesting seeing how everyone in the class decided to create their games based in the 20th century and seeing how each group brought that to life through Twine and RPG Maker.

Though we were faced with a few challenges throughout our process like keeping our game historically accurate while still focusing on our counterfactual, we had so many successes that are worth highlighting. We all got along really well and right from the beginning had a clear idea of what we wanted to focus on when creating this game and really the pieces just started to fall into place. We all had a good idea of what each of us wanted to focus on throughout the process of making the game and the portfolio and we were able to get it done in a relatively short amount of time. We found researching to be and easy and constant process. (We were literally researching until yesterday.) However, this did make for our best possible version of From Sea to Shining Sea. I think I’m justified in saying that all of us had a blast making this game and are really proud of  it.

Fun Fact #1: From Sea to Shining Sea came about kinda on a whim and ended up fitting our game really well as the protagonist is from California and is forced to travel to Washington D.C., from west coast to east coast. It’s also pretty ironic which is fitting for the humor of our group. Our game is touches on the idea of cruel and unusual punishment and the “witch hunt” of McCarthyism. From Sea to Shining Sea is a lyric from an American patriotic song about freedom thus creating some irony with our title and our game.

Fun Fact #2: Throughout the game, the protagonist encounters many different people as they go through their journey in this “post-apocalyptic” counterfactual. Some of the characters’ names are a reference to each of the developers’ names. It’s a little silly and we thought of it kind of last minute but we thought it was a fun easter egg to have stuck in there.

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