Centrenauts Game Demo

Fellow Classmates,

As the end of CentreTerm approaches us, we had our game demo today in class. We got the chance to check out the other group’s game.  We also got the chance to show everyone else in the class our game that we have been working on for a while. We also got our part in the group presentation assigned tonight, so that we were prepared for the presentation tomorrow.

We had fun testing out the other groups games today in class. I really enjoyed how each group made a good game out of twine. The reason our group didn’t pick twine as a software for our game was because we thought it would be boring to play. It turned out to be really fun to play both of the groups games. The idea of just reading words and making choices seemed boring to me, but it turned out to be fun.

Our group also had to show other group members how to play our game when they got to our station. We explained most of the dialogue and how the goal of the game relates to the dialogue. After we explained how to play the game, people seemed to like the game and how it played out. My guess is that we had used RPG maker for the software of our game, and was the only group to do it so everyone wanted to see how it turned out. For the most part though, I thought game demo day was a good day to see how our game would do in the fun compartment.

All in all, the Centrenauts had a successful day today. After trying every game out as everyone knows, we played smash bros and had a blast.

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