The Countdown For Team Decision Makers

Hello everyone,


This will be my last blog post as a member of Team Decision Makers as we are winding down Centre Term, so I will be recapping the work put into our game and portfolio today. Because we were given more time to work on the final touches of our game, we all decided to run over the library as quickly as possible so that we could get a quiet workspace along with some other factors. I personally needed to reassure myself that I had used the correct pages in the books I was using for sources, as well as get my groups approval that I had cited those novels correctly in my section of the portfolio. Fisher had to work on adding a couple more words to expand upon his topic of reference games. We also explored the internet for a decent amount of time wondering how to cite video games and if that was even possible. (It is.) Edward Lee and Kaden worked on adding the home screen to Twine, which took videos on videos to teach us how. Will was dying from a stomach bug.


Our main focus coming out of this past weekend as a group was to focus on the portfolio. Today, we all finished our individual parts. The only thing we really have to do on the writing portion at this point is critique one anothers so we can have a strong, well put together group portfolio. We finished the concluding comments the day before yesterday as a group, and left all other 5 pieces of the portfolio for individual work. We should have the portfolio pieced completely together with every section read carefully by our group members by tomorrow, so that it is ready to submit.


Edward Lee has been running the creation of Twine on his computer for the entirety of this class, so we needed to figure out how to plug in a home screen, as asked of us. Every video game has some sort of loading screen where you can click “play” or other options with some sort of background photo or video that is relevant to the game. Although it may have taken a lengthy amount of time, Kaden and Edward Lee helped one another by tinkering with Twine after watching several educational videos, which finally resulted in our loading screen. We also are thinking about throwing in one last hidden picture within the game within the next day, possibly for taking the least popular pathway. However, before we show everyone or have them locked into our game, we need to verify with Prof. Harney that we can use these photos in our game legally.


We are very excited as a group for the next two days as we finally get to show off all the hard work that went into making our game. Tonight and tomorrow night we will be getting together as a group to practice our presentation, and have each person present their section by themselves, then we will all come up and try to nail that twenty five minute mark. Thank you everyone for following along through this journey, the final product comes soon! Cannot wait for you guys to see and play it!


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