Team Decision Makers Demo Day

As we go into the final days of our Centre term class,  we are wrapping up our portfolio and have completed a final version of our game Nazi Germany: The Survival of Günter Schmidt. We met after class today for about an hour to put the final touches on our presentation tomorrow and for our portfolio. We plan on meeting again tonight to practice our presentation as a group as well as discuss how we will showcase our game in the presentation.

Today in class, we had a Demo Day where each group’s games were on display for the other groups to play. I enjoyed seeing the work other groups put into their game and how it translated into a functional play-through game. It was also cool to watch people play the game that my group made and observe the pathways through the game that each player took. The original time settings of each of the games made were all relatively close ranging from right before World War II to a few decades after. While we played their games, we also were able to discuss what they were intending to create for a certain portion of the game and how it translated digitally. The RPG maker game was the only one in the class that did not use Twine so  was interested in playing the game with a different software than my group. To my surprise, the game was still a very dialogue heavy and text based game. I discussed why with one of the team members and we agreed that for all of the games, we did not have the capability to create videos as a backstory, instead we had to set a basis for the game in text. Despite using different softwares that changed the gameplay experience dramatically, we still faced some similar challenges.

Today was our second to last day of class. This Centre term inside the classroom and out has been very enjoyable. My group along with the class has established a new understanding for the appreciation for the video games that we play on a weekly basis. We have also met a new group of people that enjoy similar hobbies and have established friendships around that commonality. The group work experience that we gained during this multiple week long task has benefitted us all with working as a team. The multiple presentations also allowed us to gain some comfort with public speaking. I along with my team members have enjoyed this class and look forward to the finale of our video game tournament tomorrow!

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