Extensive meetings: From Sea to Shining Sea Squad

Good evening everyone! This Centre term has been a journey for us all, with extensive amounts of research, readings and watching interesting YouTube videos on history, we have all done a great job in pulling our own weight. We as a group understand that not one person can carry more weight than others. So as the course unfolded these past few weeks, we have carefully been splitting up the work evenly so that everyone in the group always has something to work on. Our deep understanding with the configuration of group work gave us the push we wanted to thoroughly complete our assigned work with utter finesse.

Over the course of this past week, our group (as the title states) have been having longer and more frequent  meetings in the library to make sure we get everything done effectively and on time. There has been a lot of thought we put into what our next moves are, and with the hours spent in the library together, we have a solid amount of ground covered. In doing so, we have ran through our process in completing the video game portfolio. Even though we have not finished the race yet, we are damn near done and we are not getting tired. There is a lot we have covered over the play out of the week. With most of our essays nearly complete, we are extremely satisfied with our progress.

Brenna and Luke H. have made a hell of a lot of progress in the video game, from fixing up many pages in the video game to getting through a lot of the content we wanted to include in it as well. They have been carrying the video game process on their backs for miles. Along with that, they also help edit and create some of the essays in the portfolio. Their focus into the video game has been essential in completing it before the due date because the video game is one of the most important products we have to turn in.

Aside from that, Luke D., Cole and I have been doing a lot of research into the history of the Cold War and surrounding topics we want to include in the video game from cruel and unusual punishment to the affects of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Along with that, we all have been working hard on completing our portions of the portfolio and editing each others work so that it can be done to the best of our ability. We want this game and portfolio to be amazing but in order for that to happen, we have to indulge ourselves into the work we produce.


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