It is almost the end of Centre Term. Our video game production is coming to an end with our final demo to be displayed tomorrow. Throughout this whole term, I have been responsible for thinking of other video games that could impact our’s. So I’m here today to talk about a type of mechanic in a few video games that led me to use them in our game. The mechanic, I call it, is Chain Dialogue.

Chain Dialogue is when the user interacts with an FPC who will display lines of dialogue as a response. Usually there are two or more options to choose from. Depending on which answer, the conversation or interaction can so good or bad. Each specific choice will have a great impact later on in the story. The two main games I referenced for this were Kindergarten and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Kindergarten is a PC game where you’re a child at a school trying to solve a mystery. Each little student has a quest to do. Interacting through dialogue is the only option so it has to be read carefully. Usually if a wrong answer is chosen, the FPC will say an excuse and try to give you another chance. A youtuber by the name of Ohmwrecker does the series for this game on Youtube and its quite entertaining.

Black Ops two has the more personal choice options of dialogue. In Kindergarten, if the wrong path is taken, the game will possibly need a restart. In the Black Ops 2 Campaign, you have many times during the story where a decision has to be made. This decision will affect the future outcome of the story, but won’t restart the game. Basically the main difference is Kindergarten has one single outcome while Black Ops 2 has multiple endings. I loved using these games a references because I went back and watched vide0s on the games. Overall the project was fun to work on with my group. I met some new people and made some memories this Centre Term. Cant wait for future ones to come.


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