The Final Stretch

Hello again everyone. As I’m sure you all know, the release date for our game is coming up soon, and so I think it is important to use this blog post to reflect on how far we have come as well as discuss what more we need to accomplish. First off, I want to give a brief overview of our story again to refresh everyone’s memory. Our game focuses on an ambiguous character who is a school teacher charged with spreading communist ideas during the cold war. While this is going on, the U.S. engages in a brief nuclear exchange with the U.S.S.R. that results in some but not total destruction. Our character is then sentenced to fight in the war as punishment for his alleged crimes against the country, which is now a very pro-McCarthyist society.


One thing that I find fascinating about our game is how far we have come with the idea that we initially started with. On the first day of class when we were still really into the brainstorming phase of ideas, the idea for this game started nowhere close to where it is now. When we first started, I was thinking about a game that was based in an alternate reality of the cold war, but it was more widescale and open world, similar to how grand theft auto works. The group generally liked this idea so we started working on it more and changing things up and adding more. Luke H. brought up the idea of how the game Starcraft uses prisoners as soldiers, and we all really liked this idea and wondered how to incorporate it into our game. Over about a week, the group did research and discussed where we wanted to go and that’s how we settled on making the game into what it was.


Luke H. and Brenna have carried the majority of the weight in writing and developing the game, whereas Nick, Cole and I did a lot of the historical research involved in making the setting for our game. While we have made a ton of headway on the game, there is still a ton of work left for us to do in the next couple of days. The game developers still have a ton of goals that they want to accomplish before the release, such as a playthrough of the court conviction. As far as research goes, and as Professor Harney always says, we plan to still be researching until the last day. The research department still needs a few sources for our portfolio writings, which are starting to be finalized for turn in day.


Lastly, I would like to reflect on what all I have gotten out of this class. The homework we have been reading and the videos we have watched have really opened my eyes up to how important the topic of history is in the discussion of video games. It has also made me think back to multiple games I have played in the past and the relevance of history that was used in the games. Thanks to everyone for following the progression of our game thus far, and I look forward to our audience getting to play it.

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