TDM update

We have started the sprint to the finish line, and we are looking pretty good. We have finished our story line and put everything in Twine. Therefore our game is finished in theory. All we have to do now is finish our portfolio which we have all started on our papers that we have decided to do for the portfolio and plan on finishing the papers by Monday. This will give us all next week to focus on our final presentations. We have also started the final presentation as of today. Our team is on a good pace to finish everything by the 24th.

The game turned out pretty well. We created multiple different endings which gives our game replay-ability. We also included one or two Easter eggs that the players can make certain choices to get these surprise endings early on. Now the decisions are ones that we hope no player would regularly choose, since they are just wrong choices that any person would know not to choose. Still in total, not including the Easter eggs, we have created multiple endings where G√ľnter can either die or survive. However, just because he survives does not mean it will be a good ending.

We even created an ending where the players can choose to try and stop the July Plot but fail. This we believe gives our game a counterfactual way to that our main character can have impacts on how history truly plays out. There is also an ending that the player can choose to help the conspirators but the mission still fails. With both endings we wanted to show the player that their choices do matter.

It was important to for us to show that even though people were involved in the Nazi Army, they were not all evil. Yes some were. Most of them even were. However to make the assumption that all were evil takes away from the complexities of the times. Not all soldiers were loyal till death the Hitler. This shows in our research through the July Plot. Hitler had his doubters and those that wanted him out of power. We just had to figure out how we wanted to show that in our game. It was hard to create a Nazi soldier because we have the ability of hindsight and know what terrible things the Nazis did. Even presenting a Nazi as a good guy is controversial. Therefore, we decided to let some players play as the bad guy. Of course we did not want to touch any of the atrociteis they committed. However, we saw that we could use the July Plot as our main thing. It is interactions between Nazis and Nazis alone. Therefore we are not bringing in any other characters from another background so as to not offend anyone. If its Nazis killing Nazis then it is bad guy killing bad guy. We thought this was a way we could implement the moral choice system into our game.

In all our game came out much like we wanted. We were able to have a Nazi character that made moral choices that impacted his life. Therefore, we gave players choice and hopefully impacted how they feel making those choices. We wanted the players to think long and hard about what they were doing. In our opinions, we got that right.

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