The Decision Makers Update

On our day of no class, our team met up to work on putting information into Twine and to continue to develop our multiple storylines. Most of our storylines will be counterfactuals to what actually happened in Nazi Germany. We have been searching for picture to be able to put into our game to give it a more visual and sensual aspect giving the player are better and more realistic experience.

Our main focus for today was to try and wrap up the storylines and solidify what we wanted the player to go through. Based on the players first decision, he/she will then determine whether they will be faced with the decisions that go into the Valkyrie mission or to stay a regular Nazi solider. The most fun route will be to participate with the mission and this option gives us an opportunity to present what actually happened or interesting counterfactuals to what happened. If the player makes a harsh decision or makes a wrong move such as confronting someone about joining the mission and a Nazi loyal person hears or the person decides to rat on the mission would cause Günter to die or be taken prisoner by the Nazis. In like many of the games we have played ourselves, there are moments that make us laugh or that provide some comic relief to the game. We have added this to some of the endings that are sudden and a little over the top. If the payer chooses the wrong decision and dies randomly, we do not want the player to get upset. We want them to have a fun experience regardless of whether they succeed in the game or die abruptly.

Another aspect of the storyline that we wanted to emphasize is the thought that the player takes in contrasting what happened in the 1940s and what the game is simulating. Everyone in our group finds these ideas interesting and fun to think about and we want to give the player of the game the same experience that we received when brainstorming different endings to the game. When thinking of what could happen to Günter, we got to put ourselves in our character’s shoes and think of what would happen to ourselves if we did certain actions; what would be the effects of our decisions was very thought provoking. The answers we came up with differed and we are working on trying to incorporate the different ideas into the game to add to the complexity of the game because Twine does not allow us to make a very complex and interactive game such as the ones we play on the Playstation or Xbox. We have also realized which areas of the game we need to know more about so we can retrieve more information on those areas, like the details of Operation Valkyrie.

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