Centrenauts Update

Hello fellow classmates! Our group has been working hard on the final project. My group met today, unfortunately I had work so I could not make it, but I did some research on my own. We have made a lot of progress on the game. I have been busy mapping the game while Alex has been busy with the dialogue. We have encountered some minor setbacks in the RPG software, but Alex and I have been coming up with solutions for these bugs. We will continue to work on the game and should finish the mapping by the end of the week. In addition, we have more dialogue to put in the game which will be part of the finalization when we had the final touches.


In the previous meeting before today, we appointed each group member a portion of the portfolio to work on. Even though we each have an individual part of the portfolio, we will still come together to revise each others work to put in the finalized portfolio. This will ensure the portfolio flows and satisfies the group. The conclusion, on the other hand, will be a group effort so we can each have our inputs on the takeaways we got from researching and making the game. As of now, I know that each of the group members are working on their part of the portfolio. That being said, our portfolio should be done a day or two before the group presentation.


For my part of the portfolio, I am in charge of the historical research being undertaken for the project as a whole. We have all done a lot of research, and created a Google Doc that each group member can see and edit. From the Google Doc, I can tell that our group takes the research very seriously which I like because that means they are taking the project seriously as well. For the research done, most of it came from books provided by the library. To our surprise, there was a lot of books on World War II spies which helped with our project. I am very excited to write about our research that we have done because I have grown more interested in our topic the more I read about it.

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