Centrenauts Update

As of right now, we are very focused on the storyline of our game. We are currently working on all the possible outcomes that could happen. Easter Eggs are also an interesting topic we may include, but it would be like a small picture or item from actual history. There would be no steps involved in achieving such easter egg. Recently, I have been looking at other games that could potentially influence our game. Such games found so far are Pokemon Blue, Kindergarten, Wolfenstein, Call of Duty WW2, and actually a movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

In the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones works with a girl who appears to be his partner. As the movie progresses, she starts to turn on him. When she gets what she needs, she hands him over and reveals she’s part of the Nazi party. We may include a scenario where our character gets caught by a double crossing spy. We have also read on books of double crossing spies and are basing our main allied spy of such. The progress of storyline and portfolio are coming along. The game itself can be tedious at some points from what Jordan and Alex have showed me.

We should have our whole presentation wrapped up in time for presentation. I still have to work on our conclusion on whats worked and failed, but we are really looking forward to showing our game and getting feed back on it.

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