The Centrenauts: New progress

Greetings to FYS159 friends:


Today is like the transpoint for our game projects. Yes, we are still doing the research, however, we are going to put more time on the game development at this stage. The members of Centrenauts met on Sunday night to work on the profolio and the game itself. Yesterday we talked about assigning the portfolio part to each group member, the problems about the RPGmaker, and the plan for the next couple of days. We also helped to put the texts in the actual games. (Which proved it is working later.)


Today in class, we were trying to figure out how to create the intro cutscenes in our game. Watching couple of Youtube tutorial videos, Alex figured out how to make the intro cutscenes. We tested the game, and it worked perfectly fine. According to our planned storyline, there should be an secondary location called pas de calais to be seen on the map. We managed to make a cutscene which there will be a plane flying pass this beach to give the players some “hints”. That means we have to work on designing the “ocean map” at this point. Also, we encountering the several bugs in the game. When our spy is out of the general’s office, he immediately walked “under” the map. We found it, we laughed at it, and we definitely are going to fix this problem as soon as possible.


As and addition, we are still writing about the dialogues that will appear in the gameplay. The script should be come out soon since everything is on right track at this point. Plotting these conversations in the actual gameplay is one of our huge tasks right now.  Every member of the group will join the writing of portfolio and will finish their own part on time.

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