TDM: Handling Our Choices

For a large part of our group discussions, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how deal with the choice of creating a Nazi character. If we decide to stay true to the history, then our character would not be relatable due to the harsh aspects of their lives. On the other hand, if we created a Nazi character that did not follow the ideals of the time period, we would be altering history. So therefore we decided to allow the player to choose. Sometimes people have the urge to be the bad guy in a video game. Games like Red Dead 2 give the option of being the bad guy, and some players think that is more fun than finding the moral high ground. So for some players they will have the choice to be loyal and play that role as the bad guy. For other players, they can try and change history through the July Plot. We decided to use this as the “good” ending to our game due to us being able to show how not all agreed with what Hitler was doing. One of the NPC’s in the game will be Erwin Rommel. A top Nazi general who was a part of the July plot.

In allowing our character to be a part of this, we allow the player to control the outcome of the game. They can either help it succeed and change history, or they can cause its downfall and stay true to history. For this we drew inspiration from different types of games that allow players to be an unmentioned person in history. The Assassins Creed games do this in AC3 with the protagonist Connor. He is an invisible force in the history of the AC games. He influences battles and choices of the founding fathers that will eventually lead to the creation of the United States. Connor was just an invisible force that played a major role in the outcome, but the games core lore allows for this to be okay. As the character is part of a secret organization. This is where we will find some problems. How do we tell the history of the July Plot with a character that does not exist. That is where altering history comes into play. If we add a character it could be the missing link they did not have.

The player will be able to make choices that impact the outcome of the game. We have created three kinds of ways to play this game. The first being a way to stay loyal to Germany during WWII. This will allow players to be the bad guy of the game. As in history they will be able to take part in making sure the July plot fails. Making enemies with the head leaders of the plot. The other choice is the ability to be a part of the July Plot. In this the player will have to make choices that will impact the outcome of the plot. This being that it will be successful and change history, or it will fail and the history will stay the course. Our character however will be forgotten to history as he is going to be forgotten for some reason. We still have not thought of the reason why he will be forgotten however.

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