Centrenauts and game progress

Today in class, the centrenauts discussed how we wanted to format the game and how we were going to the narrative. We ultimately came to the conclusion to add different options for the player to pick when in a discussion with a NPC in the game. We also started doing more research on the game Wolfenstein which has some points that we would like to put in our game. Each choice has a different outcome and can affect how the finale of the game turns out. Rachel came up with a really cool idea that we hope we can implement in the game. The idea is to give each choice a color to the font to give it a significant value. For example if the choice is a bad one it would be in red, if it was a good choice to pick the color of the font would be blue, and finally if the choice was a neutral choice meaning it isn’t good or bad then it would be green.

The Centrenauts are also researching much more about our topic the more we find out about it. When we first went to the library to find books about spies in World War 2, we were expecting to struggle to find any. It was the opposite, we found many books about it and we actually found the books very interesting. I know myself and a couple other group members have checked out more books to do research on.

Today in class our group also started the mapping for our game. We finally understood how to map on rpg maker after watching many tutorials on online. It was a struggle to finally get comfortable with the software but I think it will be well worth it, and even then we still haven’t learned everything about rpg maker just the basic things to make a game. The reason we decided to choose Wolfenstein as the game we would research to help us with our game was that Wolfenstein has the dark and moody architecture that our game will use. Wolfenstein also is based in a post world war 2 era were the nazis come out as champions. We want to research more about this to give us a idea on how to make the choices we make impact the game in the end.

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