The Centrenauts: Women as spies during WWII

As recently discussed by past group members, the whole idea of our video game’s content is centered around a spy. Spies during World War 2 played major roles by deceiving and manipulating others for information. This information usually would result in one army getting an advantage over the opponent. But how did women play roles in WW2?

In the book, Spies and Traitors of World War 2, a german admiral named Frau Canaris used women for spies as he believed they were less suspicious. What Canaris did though can be seen as necessary or not, depending on your approval of his tactics. His first spy was Margarete Gertrude Zelle. Her stage name was “Mata Hari”. Basically Frau fell in love with and sent her to Paris to dance for, fascinate, and learn information from French Generals. She did this quite well and as her absence from Frau lengthened, his love for her was suppressed. She eventually came back and their love was re-ignited once more, but what Frau did next is debatable. He sent her on one last trip to Paris for task. However, this time when she arrived she was arrested for being a spy. How she was caught is the catch. Frau informed the French that she is a spy and planned a trip that would end in her arrest. The whole idea of “no loose ends” is very interesting in war as it can be seen as unethical or crucial, depending on the oppressor’s beliefs.

Frau did this tactic numerous times as he prioritized his country’s victory in the war over a person’s life. Women were used as pawns by this man. I found this very interesting in relating to our progress as this could be a potential outcome to a path taken in our game.

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