From Sea to Shining Sea Squad Day 4

Hello everybody, today in class our squad did a great job getting into a groove and working diligently. We discussed a couple of the big issues surrounding the cold war and what we wanted to incorporate into our game. As Luke H. discussed in his presentation today, we are focusing on a story in an alternate reality where the cold war actually broke out into actual warfare. Our character will be submerged into the warfare as a punishment in the court system, even though the crime he commited was not serious. We really liked these ideas, and Brenna and Luke H. are putting together an awesome story line backed with research from Cole, Nick and me.


When we were researching things about the cold war and what types of things we wanted to incorporate, we discovered that there were tons of programs that the U.S. developed in case the war did happen. In the first few days, I had suggested that we maybe incorporate the Star Wars program that President Reagan had thought of in his presidency. This program seemed really appealing because it was a nuclear defense mechinism that the U.S. could have used had the Russians fired a warhead at the states. I remembered learning briefly about this program my junior year of highschool in my APUSH class, and so I brought it up for discussion in our group. In the beginning, everyone in the group seemed in favor of the use of this idea, since it would be perfect for the U.S. to have this type of defense in the cold war. I selected a source from the library (shown below) that had tons of information on the potential nuclear sattelite defense. However, we made the decision as a group to not make this one of the big points in our game, as we would be doing too much and we would be stretched too thin.


Even though we decided not to use this, I want to use this blog post to tell about why I find this fascinating, and why I think it could potentially play a role in our game if we had more time and resources. To start, the star wars program was a nuclear defense program that Reagan was in favor of, which consisted of both sattelite and surface to air missiles used to shoot down enemy nukes before they hit the U.S.. This program came a little later on in the cold war then when our story is taking place, which is one of the reasons we decided not to use it. However, the idea is very appealing to our group as game makers because there is so much we could do with it. For example, the player could be in the danger zone of an enemy nuke and need to shoot it down via a satellite missile in order to save themself and their fellow soldiers. Or, there could be a side mission where you are a member of higher ups in the pentagon and have to stategically place the satellites in order to defend the U.S. in the best way possible. We had many other ideas surrounding the Star Wars program, but those are some of the better ones in my opinion.


I think the idea was so appealing for two reasons. First off, the Star Wars program isn’t that far off from what actually happened (it was legitimate enough for a president to consider). This would be useful for our group because the player would still have the authentic feel of realisticness that we are trying to implement. The star wars program is widely known by historians as a program that was almost implemented, which is would make the experience very cool and add to the “what if” factor. The second reason is that this program is just really cool. The fact that we had scientists working on a space defense program that could literally blast nukes out of the sky seems super awesome to me, and I’m sure it does to others as well.


As I come to an end, I would like to discuss another factor about the program that I think is super interesting and could be implemented into the game. Reagans Star Wars missiles, since they were able to shoot down enemy nukes, could have given the U.S. a huge advantage in the war. If the U.S. could defend itself (at least from nukes) while still able to fire theirs, the U.S.S.R. would have to do some serious thinking. This could have been an awesome ending to the conflict, both because the U.S. would have won, and that we didn’t get blown to crap doing it. Thank you all for reading, I’ll be back next week.

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