The Centrenauts: Background setup

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Today, the Centrenuts members has a conversation about the detailed background for the game. First we discussed what to do for tomorrow’s speech. Who is going to go, what to talk about, etc. We decide to make the slide shows to help us presenting. Alex is going to talk about the basic, central idea/core of the game and the reason for choosing RPGmaker to make our own game.

Then we started setting up the roles that the players could choose. There are going to be three spies from allied countries with their own talents. Thinking about the dialogues and the multi-endings we planned for the gameplay, we decide to let the player’s choice be influenceable. Each choice/reaction the player chooses will be somehow leading to a bad or good ending. Considering famous wars/events during the WW2, we finally decides the Normandy landings (also known as the “D-Day”) will be the backstory of the game. Because we found one book contains detailed informations about the policies the spies used before the Normandy Landings happened, and D-Day is also a famous event happened during the WW2 times. Started researching on the related materials, this is the direction where our group will go. Meanwhile, we also attributed different tasks to focus on. Designing the dialogues and choices, making game map, collecting the related historical informations and so on. It will require a lot of time but the group members are willing to do anything to make the game looks great.

The books we borrowed from the library really contribute huge help towards our decisions and future plans. More research will be going on in the next few days, as we are ready to focus on the normandy landings and some related stories and informations. We are also getting to work on the portfolio pages. Because the group members are sharing one Google doc page, which we can put whatever informations we read found useful in it. It will greatly help us to push the progress faster in general.


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