The Decision Makers: Creating a German Soldier

For today’s work we all went to the library to try and create a sense of what it was like to be a soldier in the Third Reich. We mainly found books about the life of a soldier and what they had to go through during that time. In a sense it is hard to create a soldier in the Nazi Military due to the actions of them in the Second World War. The perspective that all of the Nazi Regime was evil and brutal is something that we knew we had deal with when creating this character. Therefore, we decided to create a soldier who was not the blindly obedient to the regime and Adolf Hitler.

For our character we decided that he should be someone who is different than the rest of their fellow soldiers. G√ľnter, who is our main character, will face moral dilemmas that can have good impact for people and bad impacts for the player or good impacts for the player and bad impacts for others. This will allow for the player to decide how they want to play the game. If they want to follow the regime or stand out and be different. One aspect will will try to incorporate different ending for the player depending on what they choose. Some even being death for the player.

The hard part about this is creating a character who is morally obligated to follow one path or the other. We gathered sources on the life of soldiers including when they were first introduced to the group of Hitler’s youth. We decided to allow our character to be able to choose how loyal he is to the Nazi regime. In different play through the player will be able to side with the regime or create his own kind of moral system.

The best aspect of our game we think will be the ability of the player to choose what they want the story to be like. they can choose to follow the path that most soldiers would have chosen which is a blind obedience to the regime. Or to follow a path of a moral high ground that would have been different in the time period. We decided to create the best possible role playing game where choices have impacts that would allow the player to create their own story. In doing so almost every play through will have a different outcome. The best that we could do is to allow the player the choice to choose. In doing this they can be the evil solider that people think of as the typical Nazi soldier. Or they can be the needle in a hay stack and find that moral high ground. Either way they will enjoy their play through.

We found several sources that we will use to describe a Nazi soldiers life in the world war. Allowing the most accurate representation of a soldiers life of that day. So players can choose to be the same. or they can be different. the choice is theirs.

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